Terms of affiliates

By signing up for affiliate programs, you agree to the following terms. reserves the right to update and amend these terms without notice.

The latest update of our terms is always available on this page.

In case of violations of these terms, your account may be frozen or terminated.

In such a situation, outstanding commissions will not be paid.


1. Account

As an Affiliate, you must provide your full name as well as a correct e-mail address and other information that may be requested in connection with the registration.

The login account created can only be used by a person, so it is not allowed to share the login account with more people.

You may not use the account for illegal purposes. When using the application and your account, no applicable laws are violated.

We reserve the right to freeze earned compensation received through fraud, through questionable or illegal practices under the Marketing Act.


2. Affiliates' obligations

The Affiliate is solely responsible for the fact that its website content is not illegal, does not violate good ethics and morals or may otherwise be perceived as offensive, offensive, discriminatory, pornographic, sexist or indecent.

The affiliate must be over (18) years.

Affiliate may not generate or contribute to artificial traffic generated by

Artificial traffic means invalid endings that can be relocated from, for example, spiders and robots.


3. RevoltBeauty`s obligations provides and administers this affiliate program. is also responsible for providing banners, images and links used by the Affilator in the context of this program.


4. Provision

For completed purchases through Affiliate's unique code, we pay a commission of 15% on the value, excluding VAT and any shipping costs. reserves the right to enter and change Affiliates commission if purchase is reversed.


5. Payment

The Affiliate requests itself via its login account when deposits are due, however, the amount must exceed 100 seconds. Payment will be made to the Affilate account submitted within 30 days of payment request. It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to be responsible for the accuracy of the information.


6. Validity of the Agreement

This Agreement applies from the time you are approved as an Affiliate until terminated or terminated.

Affilate has the right to terminate this agreement at any time. has the right to cancel the Affiliate Agreement and to terminate Affiliate from's service.

Upon termination of the agreement, shall immediately notify the Affiliate of this relationship.

If the agreement is terminated, the agreement will expire immediately and no compensation will be paid to the Affiliate.

Under this agreement, Swedish law shall apply.

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