100% Cruelty Free, High End Makeup Used By Pro`s Globally.

100% Cruelty Free, High End Makeup Used By Pro`s Globally.


Skin Tightening MultiPro 5 in 1

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Skin Tightening MultiPro 5 in 1 is a multifunctional beauty device specifically designed to be used in the comfort of your home.

It uses 4 of the most popular beauty techniques: RF (Radio Wave Treatment), EMS (Micro Current), Sonic Vibration & Led Light Treatment to offer a total of 5 different settings.

Now you can enjoy professional skincare at home, like at the beauty salon.


  1. Clean: Cleanses from harmful substances in the skin, reduces pigmentation, improves skin tone & accelerates blood circulation.
  2. Lift: Resets the skin's flexibility, smoothes wrinkles, adjusts the muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system, reshaping the face curve.
  3. Lead in: Creates space between cells to nourish effectively.
  4. Anti-aging: Promotes collagen regeneration, improves skin vitality.
  5. Remove Acne: Promotes blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, shrinks pores.


Ordinary skin care products only affect the skins surface, but with this device you also stimulate the skin in depth, so you can effectively improve it.

  • RF treatment
    The RF treatment is an effective treatment for skin tightening. The treatment gives your skin an increased tension and lovely luster. RF treatment is suitable for those who want to achieve visible results even after the first treatment.
  • EMS (Microcurrent)
    A fantastic treatment that does everything for the skin. The treatment consists of several phases; deep cleaning, circulation increase and stimulation of cell renewal, provides lift and tension and adds moisture and nutrients more effectively.
  • Sonic Vibration Function
    This vibration function improves blood circulation and cleanes the pores in depth.
  • LED light function
    Some features of the five different light settings (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink): Promotes collagen regeneration, helps against pigmentation, inactivates acne bacteria, promotes blood circulation, strengthens balance of sensitive skin, relieves pain and improves active ingredient absorption.


After cleaning the skin, apply your favorite serum.

Work from the bottom up, from the inside to the outside of the face, pull lightly so that the skin moves.

The unit should be used with the beauty serum and the use on normal skin is 2-3 times a week. If you need to use it more often or fewer times it is also ok. Feel how your skin behaves.

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