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No matter who you are and what you do, recover quickly with a massage gun!

The ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun is the obvious choice for dissolving tension, accessing trigger points and increasing blood circulation. ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun is the massage gun that powerfully massages your muscles without weighing tones or taking up too much space. The handy and compact size is designed to be easily taken everywhere, no matter where you go, so that your body can always get the restorative massage it needs!

What it does:

- Despite its light weight, the ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun is extremely powerful with 1800-3500 strokes / minute.

- Works all over the body.

- Choose between 4 different massage heads and 4 vibration levels.

- The massage gun works with pulsating blows to loosen muscle knots and scar tissue. Because it is so powerful, it can go much deeper than a regular massage / foam roller.

- ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun also increases your blood circulation, which contributes to faster recovery.

- The combination of unlocking muscle knots and increased blood circulation also contributes to increased flexibility in the muscle.

- ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun also relieves pain by stimulating nerve receptors.

- Helps with pain and cramps from muscle contractions.

- Helps fluid flow in swollen areas.

- Strongly stimulates connective tissue and fascia.

- Reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

- Increases the range of motion.

- Removes sore muscles.

- Increases blood circulation.

- Release trigger points.

How does the ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun work?

An in-depth massage is both important and inevitable for proper recovery and with its powerful vibrational strokes, your muscles are guaranteed to be well cared for with this massage gun. Many professional athletes use a massage gun daily and the equipment is available at several physiotherapist and chiropractor clinics. This massage gun for home use has a fantastic strength and works all over the body; massage muscles, tendons and joints with 4 different massage heads and you can choose between 4 vibration levels. You can use a massage gun for muscle warm-up, for reheating and recovery.

Easy and flexible use, compact and handy size together with a nice little suitcase makes the ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun the given choice, wherever you are.

How do I use ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun?

  • For activation of larger muscle groups, you should use the massage gun with high vibration for about 2 minutes, on smaller muscles about 1 minute.
  • For recovery, use a lower vibration. On larger muscles for about 10 minutes and smaller muscles for about 5 minutes.

There are studies that show that about 10 minutes of massage every day gives good effects and can reduce pain by 30%. In addition, the body produces the hormones dopamine, endorphins and serotonin under touch and which can increase upwards of 30% in connection with a massage. The stress hormone cortisol has also been shown to decrease by about 30%. Therefore, you can massage yourself every day, there are no known physiologically negative effects.

Massage heads

  • Flat: suitable for muscle relaxation on flat areas such as front thighs and chest. It is very comfortable to use and because it has a flat head, the pressure is even at the point you are massaging.
  • Ball: This head is good to use for the larger muscle groups such as the thighs, calves and gluteal muscles. It is good because it touches large areas and is soft but firm. It is good to use before training to soften the muscles but also after training.
  • Cone-shaped: This head is good if you want to access a special area or a trigger point. You can easily access different points you want extra pressure on because it is pointed and suitable for affecting deep tissue.
  • Forked: This is very good for shoulders, arms, forearms, Achilles tendon. It is comfortable to use around muscles and works well to soften if you are stiff.


- ReVolt Compact Pro Massage Gun should only be used on muscle tissue (soft parts). Avoid legs and joints.

- Do not use this device if you have any abnormalities or health conditions, including

but not limited to heart, muscular or respiratory problems.

- Do not apply significant pressure as it may damage yourself and the device.

- Do not use on sensitive areas including, but not limited to, face, neck and spine.

- Should not be used for inflammation-related injuries.

- If you have a strain, do not use it.

- If you are pregnant, you have more blood in circulation, especially in the legs, which gives a risk that blood can coagulate. However, this is very unusual, but you should always consult your doctor before use.

- Do not immerse the product in water or expose it to rain.


  • Machine x1
  • Case x 1
  • Type-C charging cable x1
  • Instructions for use Swedish-English x1
  • Ball head x1
  • Forked head x1
  • Cone-shaped head x1
  • Flat head x1

Technical information

Nominal rotating: 1800-3500r / min

Motor: 3510 brushless motor

Massage heads: 4pcs

Battery: 2900mAh 3c motor lithium battery

Stalling force: 14.5KGF

Standby: 16.5H

Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy

Levels: 4pcs

Rated power: 24W

Massage stroke length: 7.55 mm

Massage depth: 6-8.5 cm

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated current: 2A

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Charging port: Type-c

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery

Net weight: 245 g

Product size: 140x90x45mm

Item ID:

En prisvärd och imponerande stark massagepistol med tanke på storlek och vikt. Liten och behändig. Köpte två stycken och kommer säkert ge bort fler i present.
Liten, enkel och smidig. Bra på stora muskelgrupper som vader, lår, säte.
Förvånande stark massagepistol med flera hastigheter och flera olika utbytbara huvuden. Den tillhörande väskan är också liten och kompakt och håller massagepistolen säkert på plats när jag tagit med till jobbet.
Snabb leverans och massagepistolen är enkel och lätt att använda. Jag har än så länge endast använt den för att mjuka upp ryggmuskler men vet inte hur effektiv den är vid besvär därav ger jag än så länge en 4:a av 5 poäng.

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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